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Appliance Repair Midland MI and Maintenance Tips

Your freezer is a very important appliance in your household. Whether making a casserole to defrost after a busy day or popsicles for the kids on summer vacation, your freezer is usually a lifesaver. This means that you want to treat it right so it lasts for years to come. Among the best things you can do for this essential appliance is to make sure that you follow some freezer maintenance tips. These tip are provided by Quality Appliance Repairs, specializing in washer repair, stove repair, freezer repair, fridge repair, dryer repair, oven repair, & general appliance repair in Canton Ohio.

The first tip is to keep it at the right temperature. If you do not follow any other tip, you have to at least stick to this tip. If you wish to maintain your freezer well for years, the most important thing to do is to keep your freezer at the right temperature. You have to keep your freezer between 0 to 8 degrees Fahrenheit. If your freezer is rising above 8 degrees, cold air is likely escaping from the freezer somewhere. Check the seals around the door. A simple way of doing this is to close a dollar bill in the door. If you can pull it out easily, then your seal is not properly working. Keeping your freezer at the right temperature will keep appliance repair Appliance repair at bay.

The next tip is to clean the freezer coils regularly ATL Pro Roofers | Professional Roofing Contractors. You can keep your freezer in excellent shape by cleaning the condenser coils on a regular basis. Over time, the coils collect debris and dust, and this affects the performance of your appliance. When the coils are dirty, they will have to work harder to keep the freezer cool, which will then lead to a shorter lifespan or more frequent appliance repairs. Your coils must be cleaned at a minimum of once a year.

You also need to keep your freezer balanced. It could surprise you, but freezers actually perform better when they are filled with food. This is because when your freezer is empty, it will have to work harder to keep cool. Keeping your freezer at least two-thirds full all the time helps to keep cold air in. It is pretty simple to keep your freezer cool, and it can save you a lot of time. Try stocking up on leftovers, meats and fresh produce in your freezer to have easy access to meals. It will also help you save money on your electric bill.

This being said, you also don’t want to keep your freezer filled with old, smelly food that you are never going to eat. You should make it a habit to clean out your freezer every few months. It is helpful to label leftovers with the appliance repair Midland MI on which you freeze them. As soon as you have thrown out any old food, you have to make out a point to wipe down the walls and shelves. If there are any doors, you have to sprinkle some baking soda so that the smell is eliminated. Checkout :qualityappliancerepair.com for details.

You need to take care of repairs right away. No matter how well you take care of an appliance, you will need to repair it eventually. If this happens, it is important that you take care of it right away. Taking care of small repairs now is going to ensure that you will not have to pay for big ones in the future. You also need to defrost your freezer regularly. If you have a manual defrost freezer, you need to defrost your freezer any time you have a half-inch, or more, of ice build-up on the interior walls. This is going to ensure that your freezer runs efficiently, and it will keep you from losing freezer space to ice. Transfer your frozen foods to another freezer or several coolers, as you are defrosting your freezer so that things don’t thaw out or go bad.

You should also clean the drain hole and pan. If you have a self-defrosting freezer, you don’t have to deal with the chore of defrosting your freezer, but you need to keep the drain hole clear, so the unit can get rid of the water from its daily defrost cycles. To accomplish this task, unplug your freezer. Then, locate the drain hole of your freezer and clean out any mineral deposits or gunk that could be clogging it. You should also wash out the drain pan. Do this every three months so you don’t have any clogs.